A 'Space Rock Epic' using analogue synths and 8 bit sampling. Improvised it encompasses a different sphere of Progressive Rock music. Songs range from 'Q1' - the largest impact meteorite recorded from earth on another planet to 'Dug' - sounding raw like steroidal Nine Inch Nails.

Falling off the back of a bus from a home 4-track tape machine from the 80's, packed away in a shoebox for two decades and then hot-rodded in a walkman and now turned into a fancy stream of electrons on Bandcamp.

The cover is panel 2 'Terrania' from the amazingly beautiful series of 4 by Nicole M. Boitos

If you are into underground Progressive Rock, Space Rock, Psychadelic mix-tapes or just imaginative artwork, this second in the tetralogy (series of 4 albums) will plug your hole.

                                                                                                                        Released 12.06.13

           "Extraordinary cover art"

                              - Jungle Indie Rock Review