Ultra Violet

Rescued from the depths of the 'electrocuted Wilma tunes' vault comes 'Ultra Violet'. Based around light, 'UV' tackles modern issues still relevant in science today, delving into mankind's biggest issues of survival. A special kind of release. Recorded about 20 years ago.

The music was recorded on cheapy home 4-track tape machines, left to gather magnetic radiation scars for two decades and then slowly roasted in a walkman, re-mastered on 16 track digital and now turned into an 'atmospheric supernova' on Bandcamp.

If you are into underground Progressive Rock, Space Rock, Psychadelic mix-tapes or just imaginative artwork, this first in the tetralogy (series of 4 albums) might just hit the spot!

Released 06.05.13

"The major emphasis is on giving freedom to the melodies, the layers are substantial" 
              - Na Miro Do Groove Review

"Songs like 'Radiation', 'White Sun' and 'Black Hole' inhabit a different sphere: is space-psychedelia and progressive rock." - Indie Bands Blog Review (Band Of The Week!)

"This album is laden with psychedelic overtones, with an emphasis on spacey composition rarely heard in modern times" - Arlequins Italian Prog Rock Review

"Paul Hayworth takes a wild walk to the darker side of our future in the earths history and starts creating monsters of our own choosing. Mutants or genetically engineered beings will become reality and let loose on an unsuspecting world." - Catsynth Review

Wierdomusic Review 

Also played on Start FM 94.2 Lithuania