Temporarily retuning the strings of the Universe with the release of the third album wide ranging back catalog of 4 genre bending albums. Some old lo -fi bombs with a few new nuggets of modern audio sculpture thrown into the pit of electrons. Jumping all over the genre spectrum these old sckool tape 4 tracks have been left as originals, using Violins, detuned Guitars and pots and pans for drums. Some pretty strange and freaky stuff on here, not really radio friendly, unfashionable misfit freak outs.

"I probably blew up 3 or 4 tape recorders during these sessions trying to get a really heavy saturated burn on the tapes".

You could call it Zappaesque, you could claim
it's like the Beatles, you could churn a whole
load of shite about it but it would be
lazy to liken it to anything else really.

Better to give it a listen.....

Go on try......
                            Released 29.07.13

"lo-fi, tripped out, and musical from the brilliant mind of Paul Hayworth"
"this sounds like lo-fi Beatles on acid"

- DEFTUNE independent Music Blog Review

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