The Going Away Album

Written and recorded mostly between 2004-2005 comes Paul Hayworth’s ‘The Going Away Album’. available on ‘electrocuted Wilma tunes’ the journey at the crossroads is ready to start again.

You'll find various blues and soul influences on this collection. Real life stories about pleasure, pain and grieving from loss........

                                             April 13th 2012

"I could tell as soon as I pressed play on the first track of this album that I was going to fall in love with it. ‘The Going Away Album’ stands out more than any album I have heard in a while"

"This album is definitely designed for long, leisurely car journeys in the sleepiest, hottest part of summer. It is not one to miss out on, and I would recommend anyone with any interest in music to give it a good, long, rewarding listen."

 Independent Music News Review (I.M.N 5 Stars)

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