Floorstare Kids

Harking back to the hay-day of British Indie comes 'Floorstare Kids'. We all went a bit baggy dancing to the double snare hits, as guitar music made it's great comeback into mainstream music culture after the quite dismal barren period of 80's factory 'Synth Pop'.

Not all 'Indie' was truly independent though, as bands that got branded as 'Britpop' down the line were mainly supported by the major record companies.

Some stayed true, and some sold out. This small collection of melodic guitar pop gems comes from the time period using inventive FX and raucous guitar melodies.

Classic authentic old sKoOl college indie, stomp the button!
                                                                                                       Released 09.09.12

"Great EP it does have that 80's feel to it but sounds great! - MRU Social

"This Vienna-based artist has a ton of potential"- 1990 top 5 tracks of the week!
  - Rex Manning Day Music Blog

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