Loops, breaks, dub lines, glitchcore, folk, indie rock, emo, pop, acousitc instrumentals all merging. Maybe it's some kind of 'Dissociative Musical Identity Disorder,' who knows why we torment each other so much to feel better about ourselves? What ever it is it works! After the aggressive breaks of 'Hate The Throwbacks,' 'All Stars In Heaven' sends ripples of glam breakbeat pop and dance / rock crossover with jazz fusion. From there on, tracks like 'Crazy Tree' covered by Freud(AT), 'Carridgeway' about a car crash, 'Jimi's Not Dead' (oh no he's not!) and 'When You're Feelin' Blue.'

Released 06.07.12

  "The sound is timeless in a very lo-fi manner" "Hummable, likable pieces of music that I could listen to anytime and anyplace" "An all around forceful display of 80's/90's indie rock." 
Olav - Progressor Magazine Review

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