Soft Culture

A 'Chill Out' album......

Using classic drum machines from the Electronic genre mixed with ambient analogue textures and loops, this purely instrumental album provides a wonderful way to kick back and relax. Inspired by the new genre at the turn of the millenium, eclectic passages of sound melt into the background surrounding you.

Flavours of classic synths with heavy loops to push the Acid Jazz feeling on the tracks. Neatly woven guitar textures that guide the melodies in this experimental mix, pushing genre boundaries.

 Old school, down tempo, yet still feeling fresh as a daisy the crystal clear vision takes you on a journey as the music melts into the wallpaper. Beautiful low key moments are truly diverting from the mesmerizing synth hooks to produce vivid images to wind down.

                                                                                                             Released 06/02/12

"The 10-track album is full of drumbeats and soundscapes as Hayworth captures
moods and atmospheres with his music."
- JPS Music Blog Review

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