Coastal Legends

With quaint use of Ye Olde English Language the ghostly presence of 12 legendary tracks re-tell local tales spread by word of mouth, dig up a post genre mix of Heavy Rock and Psychedelia with Classic Shock Rock frequency domination. Mesmerizingly dark ancient stories of yore gripped by history, using melodies 'bigger than giants' to melt minds, the tales that nearly always end in death, destruction and fall from grace.

                                                   Released on 05/05/16

Stories include:

Track 1. Sutton Hoo excavation of a 7th century 90ft longboat by Basil Brown and final resting place of King Raedwald (The Legend Of Beowulf). Woodbridge / Suffolk.

Track 2. The story of a Lizard Queen who has a taste for drinking human blood and being a bit Lizardy. National.

Track 3. Boadicea's (Boudicca) last battles of Colchester, London and St. Albans ending of the uprising for the Celtic Icini tribes, eventually in defeat to the Romans. Essex / Hertfordshire

Track 4. The Witchunter General. Matthew Hopkins trailed and killed up to 300 of 500 women nationwide by dubious means before coming to the conculsion he himself was a Witch. Essex / Suffolk

Track 5. Bogbodies from executed Kings of pre-Christian burial practices. Often found with exotic ornaments. Nationwide / Fens.

Track 6. The Orford Merman or The Wild Man of Orford caught in a fishermans net and kept  prisoner in Orford Castle, (as depicted on the album cover) Orford / Suffolk.

Track 7. Jeremiah the Highwayman or Jeremiah Lagden, a local property owner who was rumoured also to have been a highwayman in the late 18th century on the Norwich To London Road. Abingtons / Cambridgeshire

Track 8. West Runton Elephant found in 1990 a nearly complete 4m tall skeleton was found after a huge storm on the beach where a battle over who exactly found it still rages. Cromer / Norfolk

Track 9. Gog & Magog giants where the Gog Magog hills to the south of Cambridge where formed by thier epic biblical battle. Wandlebury / Cambridgeshire.

Track 10. The A10 Thunderbolt is the most deadly weapon in recent history. Constantly flying over east Anglia from the American airbases in the 80's and 90's it's manouvrability makes it quite a sight. Suffolk / Cambridgeshire

Track 11. Norwich Castle dungeons, founded by Normans to protect thier newly aquired kingdom a large torture chamber was errected underneath it. Norwich / Norfolk

Track 12. The dissapearance of Dunwich harbour (economically more improtant than Norwich in the day) by a sea storm taking half the city with it. Legend says you can still hear the bells of the Cathedral under the water on a stormy day. Dunwich / Suffolk

"62 minutes of Classic Rock - Five Star Fidanza" - Collective-zine (5 Star Review)

"A strange album, a very wide spectrum, and it's a good one"

"If I tell you that knows how to write songs, do you need anything else?" 
- WILD THING Magazine

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