Phantom Nomad

A spectacular Space Rock adventure using a range of classic synths to create something astounding. Moulded together with heavy Blues and Rock guitar riffs into a truly experimental musical escapade. Following on from 3 other albums in the Lo-Fi Quadrilogy, made over 20 years, a high definition progressive celestial masterpiece portrayed on film.

View full 60 min film of the album:

Recorded inside the phenomenon of the 'Great American Polar Vortex Winter 2014' using 24bit 92khz in an extreme low pressure capsule buried deep underground, chilled yet stormy and already sounding totally mind blowing it's a continuation of thenLo-Fi 'Quadrilogy' of old psychedelic mixtapes from the 90's rescued from the vaults. A plethora of new soft and hard synths plague the vibrations like ginger wasp angels.

The series of covers concepted around lyrical ideas in the music, drawn by hand and painted  in watercolour, the multi-album spanning cover is up there with the best pieces of artwork ever used for a series of albums. Very limited were available to buy.
                                                                                           released April 3, 2015
"What really sets this undertaking apart is the breadth of the vision and ambition"
                                                                                      - Dayz Of Purple & Orange Review

"The best rock, progressive ( including seconds of symphonic rock), shoegaze, indie, and experimental notes, that make this album something very special."
- Psychgazer Review

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