Goodlove & The Dirty Plan

Enlightening entertainment........starting with a ten minute instrumental song, 'Movement One' using an Iranian Tar (precursor to all guitar type instruments) the melodies intertwined in the album lurch forward into 'Dead Mans Shoes'. Alt. Rock, 'Best Of Riots' with video. 60's beat, 80's retro synth pop, neo Kraut, black & white musical hangover.'Destiny' of  90's Indie fans, mods, modulating beats, heavy guitar riffs from the merging depths of the audio universe.

                                                                                                             Released 22 October 2011

Music & Lyrics - Paul Hayworth
Adittional Lyrics - Payam E. Roshan
Album Art - Davina Peer

OMG this is perfect to my ipod. Good tunes" - Indie Music Rock

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