Exploring musical pop structures. Wild driving mono guitars and dreamy progressions develop bridging complex arrangements and circular spinning chord patterns into something eerily special. Sounds fresh yet modest recorded with an ex 60's woodstock stage microphone.

'Spaceboy' co written by Davie Ruegg with Paul, about Paul, played and performed by him too, with corny lyrics and tongue in cheek music.

'Stick Together' introduces the smooth voice of Anna (Unused Word) of Vienna's underground electro fame of the Austrian alternative music scene.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Released 20.05.12

Additional Vocals: Anna (Unused Word)
Additional Writing: David Ruegg

"Spaceboy Is a Good Tune" - Fishcave Radio

"Can be considered Hayworth’s “early-Bowie record” -
    "New York Dolls" - "Muse" - "Julian Lennon" - My Dad Rocks Review

Dimentions is one of those albums that I find singularly 
difficult to criticise, a million miles from awful 
             - Sea Of Tranquility Review

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